Silurian 8:53
Horst and Graben 12:35
Klippe 7:47
Craton 3:10
Scarp 4:12
Iapetus 10:36

Metatrope Records is pleased to announce the release of Orogeny, the debut disc from the duo of Drew Ceccato (saxophones) and Kyle Motl (contrabass). Ceccato and Motl have been active as a unit in numerous avant-garde and improvisational ensembles, from drummer Abbey Rader’s new quartet, to a wide-aesthetic improvising ensemble with cellist Robert Jedrzejewski pianist Tobin Chodos, and the free improv grindcore trio Three Corpse Piledriver. In duo, they fuse varied improvisational energies in a dense and quickly evolving dialog. Orogeny marks both the synthesis and collision of these experiences as well as the complete erosion of boundaries.

Recorded in one wholly improvised session, Orogeny features split second departures, jarring juxtapositions of material, a brutal rhythmic drive, and a dedication to reaching instrumental extremes.

“With Ceccato and Motl playing, no cliche dares enter the room.”

— Stephen Malagodi, Spectacular Sound